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 Thank you for your glowing feedback!

Smitha: I highly recommend On Point Communications. I took Classes for ONA inburgering exam and I easily cleared the exam under the valuable guidelines of Chaitali. Classes were very beneficial as there was a lot of emphasis on speaking Dutch efficiently during the learning process, In turn preparing with confidence for ONA. The mock interview practice and the speaking practice given before the exam is beneficial and commendable.

Pradeep Nagaraju, Eindhoven: Thanks Chaitali for helping me to learn the Dutch language. I think Dutch is a difficult language (at least for me). But with your method of teaching, I can say I have a better understanding of the language and also generated interest in me to learn more. What stands out for me is the way you have organized the classes, every class we make an incremental improvement in many areas be it the Grammer, vocabulary, general spoken or writing tips, pronunciation etc.

Gayathri Unnikrishnan, Breda: Chaitali's classes are very detailed and as interactive as it can get for an adult learning a new language. The classes are conducted with a great deal of patience and ample time is spent on clearing any doubts or clarifications, not to mention the practice questions and additional work given so that the learnings of the class sticks with us. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to learn Dutch from scratch.

Mrunmayee Velankar, Eindhoven: Chaitali is a very nice teacher. Her knowledge and explanation are simpler and easy to understand. She gives a lot of importance to pronunciations and gives tips to understand them. She is available 24/7 if you have any doubts she takes extra time after class and makes sure your doubts are clear. I enjoy classes with her and i hope i clear inburgering and make her proud.

Athira, Eindhoven: Well organized and well paced sessions. The classes are interactive . I would definitely recommend Chatali's classes .

Maya Subramanian, Eindhoven: Both my husband and I are studying Dutch in ON-POINT for the past few months and I would say we have made good progress in our learning. Chaitali is an amazing instructor. She understands the level of her students and conducts lessons accordingly. She explains the concepts well. She gives ample examples in the class and follows them with a good amount of exercises for us to practice and began proficiency. We would definitely recommend ON-POINT and specially Chaitali for a teacher to anybody wanting to learn Dutch.

Swapnil Adokar, Eindhoven: Chaitali is one of the best Dutch language teachers in Eindhoven. 
Her eagerness towards teaching makes you motivated to learn the language. She keeps individuals accountable while teaching and makes sure everyone has the same understanding.
She follows the digital world by keeping all assignments and study Material online which is much needed nowadays. She has a comprehensive approach while teaching language. She makes sure each class covers grammar, verbs, reading practice, and culture if applicable.
I would definitely recommend her for every student but especially for beginners who would like to get their basics strong.

Darryl D'souza, Eindhoven: Wonderful feeling to be a student in Chaitali's Dutch class. Each topic is taught, revised, and repeated so that it's clear to each and everyone with different grasping abilities.
A lot of effort is put into teaching the words & grammar which are building blocks of the language. Hats off to Chaitali for her patience in clearing all the doubts, crazy questions put forward by the class. Chaitali showed an easy path to learn the Dutch language. I would recommend On -Point Dutch classes for her kind and exceptional teaching abilities.

Soujanya Srinivasamurthy, Eindhoven: On point offers a very informative and detailed class. Highly recommend it for Indians who are looking for Dutch integration.The course is specially molded for people looking for an Inburgering exam and helps in Dutch culture integration. Chaitali knows the Indian student's difficulties in reading and writing Dutch. With her skills and tips, she makes the class interesting.

Nishant Saxena, Eindhoven: On Point is the place for every individual who is looking for Learning Dutch for preparing themselves for Inburgering or who are interested to master Dutch as additional language. Chaitali understands the need of every student and then design/suggest the course for every individual. Best part is she keeps you involved and motivated during the class. Chaitali has mastered the need of all new Dutch learners and I strongly recommend On Point for everyone if you really looking for good results!

Tanuja Soni, Eindhoven: I would love to recommend On Point communication (Chaitali's Dutch class).
Chaitali has very impressive command over Dutch Language, her way of teaching is structured and organized, She connects well with each and every student in the class.
Her gentle attitude and motivation to the students makes learning such difficult language very easy and enjoyable.Thanks Chaitali, I am so pleased to be in your learning group.

Sanchita Banik, Eindhoven: I'm a dutch learner at On Point and so far what I have realised is that our teacher Chaitali Sengupta is teaching us in the best way possible which we can relate with our sense of thinking in our own language. Things are becoming interesting with each class. Her way of teaching is commendable. She's always ready to help and explain our doubts with lots of patience. All I can say that I'm learning a lot under her guidance and this wouldn't have been possible by any other means. My utmost respect and gratitude to Mam Chaitali Sengupta and On Point.

Anagha Deshpande, Eindhoven: It's very nice to be in your class. You teach , explain every single thing in a very simple n easy way. Because of that I'm getting confidence , that I can learn dutch language. I will definitely suggest other people to join Onpoint Communications and get good and detail knowledge about Dutch language.

Pratik Upadhyay, Veldhoven: I would definitely recommend On Point's Dutch language course. I am pursuing this course along with my wife, we are really happy with the structured way she follows. She gives adequate individual attention to everyone which makes class very interactive. Rules for Dutch Grammar is taught by her in such a simple manner which is simply brilliant makes student very confident. "A great Teacher with great Method(Art) of Teaching Dutch Language "

Mehtab, Eindhoven: I would definitely recommend On Point's Dutch language course from Chaitali. She is very knowledgeable,kind, interactive and explains the subject from every aspect.

Akhilesh Thakur, Eindhoven: I would like to recommend Chaitali's Dutch class because of the following reasons: 1. Classes are well organised, focused on the Dutch language and the Inburgering exam as well. 2. She connects well with each and every student of the class, giving equal opportunity to all of us. 3. What I liked most is the emphasis on building the foundation of the Dutch language by focusing on grammar. Before joining Chaitali's class, I used to practice with the Duolingo app and I was doing lot of mistakes because of lack of understanding of dutch grammar. But now that is not the case , thanks to Chaitali.

Samina Khan, Eindhoven: Great learning experience with Chaitali. Classes are always very informative, interactive and helpful. After a few months, I went from being an amateur, to being more confident with the Dutch language. Highly recommend ON point classes with Chaitali

Dharmen Bavaria, Eindhoven: There is a difference between the A1 classes I took before and in Chaitali's teaching method/approach. I really like the dedication of how she teaches us and all the assignments she gives to keep up the pace and we don't forget what we learned. I highly recommend learning dutch from her.

Debjit Chaudhury, Eindhoven: I have been attending the Dutch classes and it has benefitted me a lot. Chaitali has a very professional and methodical way of conducting the classes. She is very approachable and patiently answers all our queries. To conclude, I am satisfied with my progress and I am happy that I enrolled for this course.

Mangesh Thorat, Eindhoven: Learning dutch was never my priority until I met Chaitali, I am impressed with her communication skills both in Dutch & English & She teaches you in a very comfortable, easy way, so you don't feel the burden of the new language. I was lucky enough to get her as my language teacher. For those who seriously wish to learn the Dutch language in an effective manner, I see no better option than to join Chaitali's batch.

Sharath Kowligi, Eindhoven: Made more progress in 6 weeks with ON POINT than I had in 4 years of various classes, apps, and "self-study". Many thanks to Chaitali. Finally have the confidence to start taking those Inburgering tests.

Supriya Manchi, Eindhoven: Chaitali has a good grip over the dutch language. She explains the concepts well. She prepares her students for Inburgering exams as well as for day to day communication. That is the right way to learn the language.

Raghu Gouda, Eindhoven: I started the class with little knowledge of basics. Chaitali helped in the gaps and provides personal attention to each and every person in the class. At ON POINT you enough assignments and practice at each level which are the main requirements for learning. Highly Recommend ON POINT!!!!

Pritam, Eindhoven: It's been a very good experience taking dutch lessons at On POINT. Apart from helping us with the fundamentals of the dutch language, our teacher - Chaitali- puts in a lot of effort and makes an honest attempt to understand every student's strengths and weaknesses and guides them accordingly to ensure that they do not lag behind in terms of learning. Moreover, and importantly, she personally guides every student with the planning and preparation for the Inburgeren exam. I wish her and ON POINT a lot of success!

Saipreetha, Eindhoven: Glad to have joined the Dutch Inburgering course at ON POINT. Very good teaching with a lot of experience. Makes learning easier with a small group and with constant motivation and guidance from Chaitali.

Vikas Singh, Eindhoven: I am so happy to be a part of the team. Learning a new language is a challenge, but Chaitali has made it simple. Learning is so much fun. Thanks for being so supportive.

Priya Nandu, Eindhoven: I started with Chaitali as an absolute beginner and have come a long way since then! She's a great teacher with excellent teaching skills! Highly recommend.

Sreeya Paul, Eindhoven: am taking the classes for the past few months... I would say I am happy with the progress I am making...though quite a lot to learn the journey looks easier with the classes I have with Chaitali.

She is to the point, giving examples, building our basics slowly. She gives us room to speak out easy sentences, asking questions to everyone in the class.. so everyone is given the opportunity to interact and talk in Dutch which is quite difficult if we are on Skype or virtual set-up but I am really impressed how she made our learning so interesting and interactive. Kudos to her for that!
I will recommend her to people who want to really grasp the Dutch language in a structured way and also wants to start speaking it slowly. Her approach towards her classes should fit the Expat a lot since I am speaking out of experience attending other language institutions in the Netherlands. 
Thanks, Chaitali for all your effort to make us comfortable speaking the language.

Varsha Nij, Eindhoven: I Would definitely recommend On Point Communications. Chaitali teaches in a different way and makes sure everyone understands. I was very uncomfortable to join the language class but after joining I really started enjoying and encouraged to learn Dutch.

Swapnali Chaudhary, Eindhoven: The course is well planned to keep in mind the exam structure. Chaitali is very informative and dedicated to us, the students. I appreciate her inputs in our individual goals.

Amruta Bhargava, Veldhoven: I was wondering how effective an online language course would be. This one is really very effective. Chaitali is an amazing instructor. She is doing a fabulous job with overall course content, the pace, and addressing student queries. I am quite happy with her teaching and guidance. I would definitely recommend On-POINT to anyone who is looking forward to learning Dutch.

Shreya Patil, Eindhoven: The class has a good pace to learn spoken as well as written Dutch. Chaitali keeps us engaged through the 2 hours. I particularly like how the level of assignments reflects yet challenges our level of Dutch at all times.

Vinay Gaonkar, Eindhoven: Chaitali is a great teacher. I definitely would recommend Dutch lessons by Chaitali.

Benson Philip, Eindhoven: Chaitali is a very experienced and good teacher. I've started from the very basics. She adapts the level to meet yours but also demands full focus during the lessons. The course is well planned and is in line to help you prepare for the exams. I would highly recommend anyone to join the course here. 

Kavya M Bhat, Eindhoven: The experience with Chaitali has been great. She understood exactly what our needs and expectations are and classes are accordingly structured. She is making the process of learning a new language easy and exciting. Definitely recommend her for anyone who wants to start learning Dutch.

Shivani Gupta, Eindhoven: A great teacher with her great teaching passion, ideas, and patience for each individual. She ensures that we just not have to learn it, but also we retain it in our life. She ensures fundamentals are strong and benefits you in your day to day conversation.

Harneet Kaur, Eindhoven: Chaitali tailors her approach to the individual's learning goals which makes her classes unique. Absolutely enjoying my Dutch learning journey with her!

Rahul Kumar, Eindhoven: Chaitali has a very structured way of helping you learn Dutch. In spite of holding group lessons, she is able to give adequate individual attention. She helped my son transition from International school to the Dutch school and is now helping me master the language.

Roopashree, Eindhoven: As a beginner to the Dutch language, I found great value in being a part of ON POINT's class. The lessons are detailed and the focus is always on the student and student's understanding of the concept. The teacher doesn't rush into completing the designed syllabus.  Her classes are the best way to expose oneself to the Dutch language. 

Joyce, Best: I liked her method, it helped me to gain ideas in dutch grammar. She is also very patient with the students and tries to explain concepts well.

Eveline Bronoska, Best: I went to ON POINT a couple of years ago since I was struggling with my dutch grammar (A1). I was hugely helped. She is patient and takes time to help out the student with dedication. I also passed my Inburgering due to her help, thanks!

Vidhya, Eindhoven: My main motive for learning dutch is to understand and communicate with fellow Dutch. I found the right place for it. At ON POINT you get personal attention and a good syllabus for you at each level which are the main objectives of learning. I am always happy to be the learner here. And I will surely recommend it to all.

Mahesh Chandra, Eindhoven: I Would definitely recommend Chaitali for her unique teaching style. She is very supportive, committed, and encourages everyone to reach their goals.

Saurav kr Baidya, Eindhoven: The teacher has a good command over the Dutch language and she has mastered the art of teaching. These two together make her a very good Dutch teacher. On top of this, if you are an Indian student, you have additional benefits - because she is basically from India and knows upfront what are the general improvement areas for Indian students.

Students who so far came to ON POINT to learn Dutch joined ON POINT for these following reasons:

  • Small-Group

  • The commitment of the teacher

  • Excellent guidance